• Image of Anthology 3

The Daily Melodies is an ongoing exercise in creative composition by guitarist Daniel Calabro.

Anthology 3 is a collection of my favourite pieces from 2013. This year was a return to more regular composing, and a refining of my sound and style.

Earlier in 2013 I held a series of workshops to share the discoveries I had made about composition so far from The Daily Melodies project. The research for these workshops gave me some clarity and helped hone my skills more than before. But they also reminded me of the diversity I forced upon myself in the early stages back in 2008.

As a result, many of the pieces in this year were composed from a rediscovery of 'random starting points' - and more excitingly starting points provided by others.

Many of the tracks towards the end of this album were composed from "seeds" provided by listeners and followers of The Daily Melodies.