The Daily Melodies project is an exercise in creativity. Short pieces are composed and recorded in one sitting, usually within a 2 hour period.

The basic rules are:
- Acoustic only (no FX but reverb)
- Must finish composing in one sitting (hence short tunes)
- Always begin from a different starting point**
- Accept the good and the bad (no deleting anything that hits a wall).

**I'm now taking requests! If you have a starting point (seed) for me - musical, visual or conceptual - be sure to let me know - I'll dedicate the song to you 'and' email you the track :)

Originally the pieces were created on a daily basis, hence the name!

I really hope you enjoy the music.

About Me:

I began playing guitar at the age of 4. My father, Tony Calabro, was and continues to be my teacher and mentor. Tony has studied with Joe Pass, Pat Martino, Steve Erquiaga, John Williams, Ike Issacs, Laurie Ralphs to name a few.

One thing my father instilled in me was a love of diversity, skill, emotion/feel, and creativity. I have been blessed to be exposed to so many beautiful sounds in my life. Notable impressions left with me were Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Segovia, Jim Hall, YES, Chick Corea, Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt, to name but a few.

As I got older, my influences broadened through new musical friendships. Particularly those forged in the band The Grand Silent System. The 6 other members of this band were very diverse in their tastes, so I was introduced to many sounds and artists that I hadn't yet heard. Examples of the diversity were King Crimson, Bill Frisell, Squarepusher, Stockhausen, Colleen, Boards of Canada, Trilok Gurtu, Secret Cheifs III... this list is enormous!

Once a wife & children came into my life, my connection to nature and an organic life started to develop - rapidly. Living a more sustainable life went hand in hand with my new desire to play acoustic music.

My appetite for creativity has always been insatiable. A jigsaw puzzle is a good analogy for me regarding music - the act of completing the jigsaw is more engaging than the end result, and the act of creating music is more important to me than the piece that emerges at the end.

The future? All I know is it will emerge naturally rather than being planned. Not unlike each composition... so I guess i'm living a composition in progress...